The promise of public cloud is the allure of decentralization and agility. But without proper methods to gain oversight and ensure optimization, chances are you may be succumbing to a variety of sins that are costing you time, money, efficiency, and governance.

We’ve recently posted our latest eBook, Avoiding the 7 Deadly Sins of Public Cloud Costs, looking at all the ways your public cloud costs can spiral to the depths but also best practices for pulling your enterprise back up.

This is the first in a weekly blog series examining each of the seven sins. We’ll start with the first sin, about the scourge of zombie resources.

Sin #1: Zombie Resources Never Die

It always starts with the best intentions: spinning up VMs or storage in public clouds for enterprise use. But after they serve their purpose, they’re forgotten. That is, until the bill shows up, or they cause a security incident. Yes, they’re zombie resources, and they’re as scary as you might think.

While these zombies can drain your IT budget, controlling them takes rigor. For example, once a month you should investigate and spot resources that are no longer needed. You can also set automated weekly or biweekly policies to find and destroy them once and for all.

Cleanse Your Organization of Public Cloud Cost Sins

Looking to learn more about the six other deadly sins of public cloud costs? Download the eBook today. Also be sure to check out our comprehensive AWS Cost Optimization Guide for best practices on AWS costs.

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