Avoiding the 7 Deadly Sins of Public Cloud Costs

Enterprises are wasting $14.1B in public cloud spend every year. Discover the 7 deadly sins that repeatedly cause waste and cost you money

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Continually Optimize Your Cloud Spend Through Policy Automation

Analyze Resource Utilization in Cloud With Granular Visibility

Our cost management capabilities help you make informed decisions by providing granular information for decisive actionDo you know 39% of cloud engineers cannot take direct actions to save money according to the latest State of the FinOps report? Through simple cost dashboards, effective cost reporting, and powerful savings recommendations, you can immediately understand your cloud usage and take actions. 


Compare the actual spend vs. the budgeted spend so nothing is a surprise for you. You can also identify the most expensive systems or outliers by owner and environment. 

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Reduce Your Cloud Spend Through Continuous Cost Remediation

Don’t waste money paying for what you don’t need. Cost optimization capabilities will help you control cloud spending by monitoring, reporting and automatically optimizing cloud resources. 

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Use What You Need, Turn off Unused Services Automatically, Take Advantage of Commitments

With CloudBolt, you can get insights on when your environment is over/under-provisioned and take actions to drive your costs down. You can set policies to automatically shut down idle services when certain conditions are met while turning off services during off-hours. Our recommendations for reservations or Savings Plans can help you save more for strategic initiatives. 

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AWS Cost Optimization Guide Cover-Final

The Guide to AWS Cost Optimization

Discover a series of advanced cost-optimization techniques that can lower your AWS bill without compromising application performance or redundancy preparedness for disaster prevention.

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Cloud Cost Management

Old Way vs The Intelligent Way

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