A Better Way for CI/CD Tools and Processes


Recently, we’ve shared information in this space about why Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery, or CI/CD, is critical to the modern enterprise, and the four challenges presented by CI/CD tools and processes. Now, we’re excited to share more with you about how CloudBolt Software approaches addressing the concerns of enterprises with CI/CD implementations.

CloudBolt Software can meet you anywhere on your CI/CD journey to help remove the pain of development and get you on the road to digital transformation. We help with the entire CI/CD pipeline including with deployment, management, and integration.


Using CloudBolt , blueprints can help your developers get the same consistent infrastructure based on what they need. Plus, they can orchestrate a lot of things behind the scenes to truly automate the infrastructure deployment. There’s no longer a need to wait for resources.


Continuous Infrastructure Testing is an essential piece that can make your CI/CD process work every time by:

  • Taking away the need for expertise in CI/CD tools
  • Identifying optimal state for environment for all technologies
  • Proactively finding what is most likely to fail and fixing it
  • Providing logs of infra- structure failure, can also ingest code logs
  • Enabling a single pane of glass for ITOps and Developers

Our CIT helps developers and IT achieve proactive testing of infrastructure even before the code is deployed. A developer who has built a code with certain network specs and certain security credentials can test if the infrastructure will support that code. Plus, ITOps and developers can work together to find optimal infrastructure for the code, saving valuable time and money.


With CloudBolt’s advanced integration capabilities, enterprises have flexible options for integrating various technologies together that minimize or even eliminate custom coding and take that pain away. Scaling integrations with our capabilities is easy; build once and use often. Plus, apply governance and usage policies to control the behavior of integrations post-build.


With CI/CD, the many moving pieces involved can present risks anywhere along the journey. If one area fails, it can affect every other area and lead to slowdowns, headaches, and a host of other issues for your business.

But with the right strategy and tools meant to meet the needs of the modern enterprise, you can update your CI/CD processes and overcome these challenges more easily than you ever imagined.

See how CloudBolt can help. Request a demo.

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