Webinar Recap: How to Accelerate Your Cloud Journey with CloudBolt’s Spring Release


CloudBolt Software recently held a webinar with our product experts to discuss the ins and outs of our Spring Release. This included updates to our CloudBolt Cloud Management Platform (CMP), CloudBolt Cost & Security Management Platform (formerly Kumolus) and CloudBolt OneFuse Integration Platform offerings.

We’re committed to helping our customers leverage IT to innovate, accomplish and stand out in crowded markets. Our product release for this spring sports new and improved features across our product portfolio to meet these needs, and we’re excited to share more on this webinar replay.

Watch this webcast replay to learn about solving cloud problems in new savvy and compelling ways. You’ll hear from product experts Nilesh Deo, Damon Tepe, Sid Smith and Rick Kilcoyne as they discuss problems, solution approaches, and expected benefits around these topic areas: 

  • New compliance trending capabilities to ensure you are in control of your hybrid cloud environments (CloudBolt Cost Management) 
  • Improved rightsizing coverage in both Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure (CloudBolt Cost Management) 
  • New codeless integrations to ServiceNow CMDB, SolarWinds IPAM, and VMware vRealize Automation (vRA) (OneFuse the next-gen SovLabs)
  • Q&A and more…

Discover how you can accelerate your cloud journey with new cloud solutions available in CloudBolt’s spring release.

Please check out the full discussion here:

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