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SovLabs Plug-in 2019.12.0 Release Notes


SovLabs Plug-in 2019.12.0 Now Available

We’ve just rolled out another update to the SovLabs Plug-In! The latest version is 2019.12.0, and includes the following updates, fixes, and enhancements

  • DNS: One minor and one major fix (includes hotfix 2019.8.1)
    • Fixed a minor spelling error in the Validation logs
    • Fixed an issue where the DNS Module would fail to match Network or Domain during certain stress scenarios with multiple machines be deployed at the same time, each with different DNS Configurations assigned (hotfix 2019.8.1)
  • Property Toolkit: 1 minor fix for vRA Deployment Names
    • Fixed “TypeError: Cannot read property ‘classId’ from null” error when using feature to set vRA Deployment Names
  • vCenter Endpoint / VM Tagging: Two fixes:
    • Updating the vCenter Endpoint will now set the VIM UUID if it is not already set
    • Fixed “Vcenter Instance with name ‘[tenant]_[Configuration Label]’ already exists!” error
  • Veeam: Enhancement for Veeam vCenter FQDN comparison to be case insensitive
    • Updated vCenter FQDN comparison to be case insensitive in the event a Veeam Administrator uses the wrong case when defining the vCenter in Veeam BEM.


Download links:

We strive to release monthly updates in addition to updating within 45 days of any major VMware vRealize Automation software update.


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