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Feb 20, 2024

VMWare Alternatives: Exploring migration options after Broadcom acquisition

As the saga of the recent $69 billion acquisition of VMware by Broadcom continues to play out, it has sent…

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Oct 7, 2016
Customer Story Series #2: Multinational Hotels Company Unifies its Clouds with CloudBolt

Hybrid Cloud Management Platform Provides Automation, Flexibility And Control Pre-CloudBolt Problems Because of the size and complexity of the infrastructure…

Sep 21, 2016
Using A CMP Without Using Public Clouds

With more public cloud options available than ever, many enterprise IT shops are utilizing multiple providers (along with internal datacenters)…

Sep 15, 2016
I got 99 problems but upgrade ain’t one

One of our customers sent this to us this morning:

Jul 29, 2016
Using CloudBolt at CloudBolt – Snapshot Cleanup

VMware snapshots are an extremely useful feature for saving the state of a VM and being able to roll back.…

Jun 29, 2016
Customer Story Series #1: A Major Home Retailer Chooses CloudBolt for Self-Service

Hybrid Cloud Management Platform Yields Major Cost Savings CloudBolt customers are deriving great benefit from using the product and we…

May 25, 2016
New Cloud Bursting

A press release went out this morning announcing our new Cloud Bursting feature that is coming out in CloudBolt 6.0…

Mar 2, 2016
Reflections on CliQr’s Acquisition by Cisco

Today, Cisco announced its intent to acquire CliQr, for a reported $260M. This acquisition validates the importance that Cloud Management…

Oct 29, 2015
If It Isn’t Self-Service, It Isn’t a Cloud

If It Isn’t Self-Service, It Isn’t a Cloud A while back, I was working for a large storage company.  We…

Oct 14, 2015
CloudBolt is Now Free for Lab Use

If you’re like most IT shops, you have a place for testing out new products, technologies, and applications.  You may…

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