6 Reasons Why Partners Will Love the CloudBolt Rainmaker Partner Program


Our partners are at the core of every decision we make as a business, from marketing to lab creation to CloudBolt finding creative ways for partners to maximize their revenue growth. It’s for that reason we’re thrilled to announce the launch of the brand-new CloudBolt Rainmaker Partner Program.

The program is part of our approach to the cloud market. We see a shift to an “all things as-a-service” market landscape, where partners need a wider variety of tools in their toolbelts to help ensure they can meet customers wherever they are on their hybrid cloud, multi-cloud journey. We’re taking an approach to partners that includes:

  • 100% of leads being taken to partners – every lead: new, renewals, ALL.
  • Solutions that deliver an unrivaled time-to-value for our customers.
  • Helping partners build or retain their relevance as trusted advisors; CloudBolt helps partners not be single-threaded in accounts, but pivot to critical areas: DevOps, Security, ITOps, FinOps, Infrastructure, Virtualization and Procurement.
  • Just being easy to do business with—ensuring CloudBolt is seen as a business partner and not just another software manufacturer.

With the Rainmaker program as our supporting structure, partners will be positioned for greater success in helping our joint customers be successful on their digital transformation and modernization paths. We couldn’t be more excited about the program and the tangible benefits for our partners and customers across the globe.

Here are six reasons why partners will love the CloudBolt Rainmaker Partner Program

Adaptable Program Structure. Rainmaker supports partner agility by accommodating the various roles the partner is playing for their customer, whether it be resale, managed services, distributor, developer or advisor – or a combination of these roles. CloudBolt is not putting partners in a box, or limiting their ability to showcase their unique value.

Competitive Partnership Levels. Focused on achievement and advancement, the Rainmaker program is structured with four levels of partnership. Storm, the highest level, provides dedicated sales, marketing and technical support in addition to rich discount/ margins and incentives. To ensure there is protection and great earning potential for partners that come in below the Storm tier, there’s Lightning and Thunder, which provide growth opportunities and incentives to move to higher levels as a partner gains traction in the market with their cloud practice, and Wind tier for referral partners, who aren’t ready to make a formal commitment, but understand their clients have a need for what CloudBolt delivers.

Multi-dimensional Solutions Framework. Partners can position themselves for new opportunities to increase profitability, shifting focus from the cycle of one-time product resale to recurring customer value and meeting customer needs. We provide a comprehensive solutions framework allowing partners to meet customers’ needs depending on where they are in their cloud lifecycle, including: IT automation, self-service IT, cloud cost and security optimization, and an integration-as-a-service platform.

Partner Training and Enablement. Rainmaker partners are provided with comprehensive on-boarding and training, and always have the full support and expertise of CloudBolt on their side. Via CloudBolt University and our Center of Excellence, we provide training and enablement for sales, pre-sales and services personnel to ensure Rainmaker partners are provided with comprehensive access to expertise. Our portal is a one-stop destination gateway where partners can find exactly what they need from: a place to log support requests, register deals, find co-branded collateral templates, apply for MDF, request not-for-resale license keys (“NFR”), Sales assets and support tools, as well as our learning management system upon which CloudBolt University is built.

Joint Partner Marketing. CloudBolt works closely with partners and equips them with everything they need to sell and support their solutions, including quarterly demand generation planning, campaigns in-a-box, joint events, co-marketing funds and social media cards. Additionally, partners can streamline the management of joint marketing programs while helping to defray marketing costs.

SPIFFs and Financial Incentives. CloudBolt willingly provides fiscal incentives to Rainmaker partners to incentivize and reward individuals for activity that helps grow the pipeline and close deals. We fully embrace putting the investment into those partners committed to investing in us.

For our channel partner friends: don’t wait a second longer. So be part of something great and join the CloudBolt Rainmaker Partner Program. Let’s make it rain even more!

Sign up to join the CloudBolt Rainmaker Partner Program now.

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